The Freedom Blind

  • $399.00

Get the freedom to enjoy the Great Outdoors with the Freedom Blind. Inspired by Hope Outdoors, we want to bring the outdoor hunting experience to those limited by traditional outfitting gear. Our extra-wide door, placed in the center of the blind, allows access for track chairs. The adjustable windows give visibility on all four sides of the blind, and the spacious interior with its peak height of 7’ allows multiple hunters to move freely inside. The durable frame ensures you’ll enjoy your Freedom Blind for many seasons.

 Our hunting blind is, durable and easy to assemble all while being one of the strongest frames on the market. The Blind is 5' x 5', and made from a camouflage PVC material. No tools required – fast & easy setup! 

PVC material is used to prevent leaks and moisture in the blind.



  • Door is 4’ wide x 64” high and rolls up for easy access

  • 4 adjustable windows for 360 degree visibility
  • Frame is made with high strength structural steel that is in-line galvanized for ultimate corrosion protection

  • Peak height of 7’

  • Quickly & easily assembled without ladders or tools

  • Blind weighs 87 pounds

Please allow 10 - 15 business days for production before shipping.

To monitor and ensure you receive the highest quality, everything is manufactured and designed at our North American facility.